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2 million.

That’s how many lives could be saved by lifting the ban on gay blood donors (via micdotcom)

Since 1977, the FDA has banned all men who have ever had sex with another man from ever donating blood. But in recent years, countries like the U.K. and Canada have lifted similar bans, recognizing the inherent and unfounded homophobic stereotypes of these laws. And based on the new research findings, it’s time for the U.S. to do the same. 

(via outforhealth)

"But what if gay dudes have really awful diseases?!" Um… you do know that they screen every unit of donated blood for every kind of disease regardless of the source, right?

"What if it turns people gay?!" Right, just like getting a blood donation from a woman turns you into a girl, or how people kept turning into sheep and dogs in the 1600’s when transfusions were still experimental. I mean you do know that borrowing blood from someone doesn’t change the basic genetics you were born with, right? Because near as we can tell, sexuality is the result of genetics. You cannot “catch” a sexuality, gay, straight, or otherwise, for the same reason you can’t catch someone’s skin, hair, or eye colour.

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